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We recently took our first trip to New Orleans and stayed at the Avenue Inn B&B for five nights. St Charles Avenue, in the Garden District is lined with beautiful, large, old Houses that are a treat just to look at. The Avenue Inn B&B is one such house, just dripping with authentic charm, with high ceilings, Antique furniture, Hardwood, and “ambiance”. We loved it! It’s old, and authentic (unlike some modern built “wanna-be” places you could stay in) without being at all worn or run-down looking. While it’s fairly elegant, it’s as homey and welcoming as your favorite chair back home, and I liked staying there much more than in a soulless hotel. More than anything else, it’s the couple that own and run the place that set it apart. Joe and BB went WAY out of their way to help us get the most out of out stay in New Orleans……..


…My wife and I loved our first visit to this charming mansion a few years ago. It was our first trip to New Orleans, and we would not have wanted to stay anywhere else after experiencing the charm, great location and the friendly and helpful innkeepers.

On this return trip, I was traveling by myself. I now go to B&Bs as they give me a feeling of being “home” when I’m away from home. As usual, Joe and Bebe were wonderful hosts, and have added a “Snack Tower” in the dining room, open 24/7!

The snack tower has bottled water, Rice Krispy Treats, cheese and cracker packages, etc. A nearby mini fridge has “boxed” juices to take on the go. I’m a late-night snack freak, and the tower was perfect! It was also nice to snag a bottle of water on my way out the door on my way to the airport.

If you want the loud hustle and bustle (and smells) of the city, stay in the French Quarter. If you want to relax, be charmed, and have the fun of the city just moments away… then by all means, stay at Avenue Inn B&B.

One more note: I was in New Orleans for business. My clients were staying at the Astor Crown Plaza on a group rate of $139. Guess what? They could ONLY valet park… for $29.95 PER NIGHT, plus hotel taxes!!! At Avenue Inn B&B, parking is free! (Consider this when you’re booking in New Orleans..!)

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This place was more beautiful than you could imagine. the city is completely up and running since the hurricane (not like the news makes you think). i had a wonderful time with my friends, and I look forward to returning to the avenue inn and the all the places they reccommended. make sure you check out snug harbor jazz club… it was my favorite!

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