RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution.

The Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast offers RSS feeds (RSS 2.0) for use in news readers. RSS feeds are free and are an easy way to be notified of updates to the website.

What are feeds and how do I use them?

A feed is a regularly updated summary of web content, along with links to full versions of that content. When you subscribe to a given website’s feed by using a feed reader, you’ll receive a summary of new content from that website. Important: you must use a feed reader in order to subscribe to website feeds. When you click on an RSS or Atom feed link, your browser may display a page of unformatted gobbledygook.

What are RSS and Atom?
RSS and Atom are the two feed formats. Most feed readers support both formats.

Subscribing to a news feed

With your news reader, you can add each feed manually from the Web site by clicking on feed links before the footer or for the more popular feed readers use these links to quickly subscribe to The Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast.


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One Response to “RSS Feeds”

  1. tucansam Says:

    I’d like to concur with the positive posts. Staying at the Avenue Inn while in New Orleans is like having the best seats at the theatre or at the game. I don’t need to be “smothered” with hospitality, but I DO want to be comfortable, I want things to be easy, and I want to be in the heart of my environment. Avenue Inn is the best seat in the house in New Orleans.

    Best regards to the Innkeepers…

    Your humble guest, Sam