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Times-Picayune Spring 2007 Dining Guide is Out for New Orleans Eateries

23 April 2007

Some folks live and die by the word of local food writers, some could care less. As we look at the choices offered by Brett Anderson of the Picayune, we conclude that its hard to boil down the “top” restaurants in this world class restaurant city since we have so many that are light years ahead of most communities. With 810 restaurants open or reopened since Katrina (809 pre-storm) its just hard to find a bad meal in this town.

Here is the list of the top ten (his picks, not ours) and the “keepers of the flame”. We have sent more than 14,000 guests to these places and more over the past five years so we will add our two cents if we have something to say. The full list of 100 restaurants by category is available at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast in our menu library.

“Top Ten” (alphabetical order)

Bayona-Guests always come back with huge smiles!

Brigtsen’s-Very very good


Emeril’s-We get requests for obvious reasons, expensive but always worth the venture

Galatoire’s-A local landmark and the best place for original New Orleans cooking

Hersaint- Another of Susan Spicer’s offerings, very good

Lillette-Close to the Inn, excellent feedback

Longbranch (Abita Springs)

Restaurant August


“Keepers of the Flame”

Clancy’s-Quaint bistro near the park in Uptown, great wine list

Jacques-Immo’s- Off the wall creole/soul menu concepts and decor, great experience

K-Paul’s- Originator of blackening cooking, one of our guest’s favorites

Upperline- Our personal favorite and our guests sing their praises

Palace Cafe- awesome white chocolate bread pudding

Liuzza’s by the Track

Ye Olde College Inn

Ralph’s on the Park


Tan Dinh

We have our own list of the “Top Places Our Guests Rave About”. We would be happy to share this one when you get to New Orleans. Or call for the list.

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