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The April 2007 issue of Architecture Digest has a feature story with spectacular photos of Helen Mirren & Taylor Hackford in New Orleans

7 April 2007

Mirren is the famed Academy Award winning actress (The Queen) and her husband, Hackford, is a movie director (An Officer and a Gentleman, Ray). It is one of the most positive post Katrina articles that we have seen on the city.

This is what Mirren & Hackford say about New Orleans: “In spite of the destruction and hard times the city is still suffering due to Hurricane Katrina, we will never abandon the most beautiful city in America….New Orleans is a totally unique environment, and we encourage every American to make a long-term commitment to preserve this fabulous cultural asset.”‘ The first time Hackford brought Mirren to New Orleans she said, ” I’m going to die here. Like Venice, that same decadent, romantic,slow sweetness,comes over me every time I return. It’s one of those few places that is not precious to the nth degree; it doesn’t look like it has been cleaned up by Disney. It’s funky and untidy. It’s my contact with Europe in America” Hackford so loves New Orleans that he has premiered 5 of his films here. This is what he has to say about New Orleans,” Not many places have as powerful an impact as this- give it as much hype as you want, New Orleans doesn’t disappoint” Mirren and Hackford share a flat in London, a farmhouse in the south of France, but their house in New Orleans is their home base.
The cover of Architectural Digest has Mirren in her red ruffled Mardi Gras dress.

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