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“Taste Of The Town”, One of New Orleans’ Best Restaurant Events Coming March 30, 2007

26 March 2007

As reported by restaurant writer and critic Tom Fitzmorris:

A few years ago, a group of restaurateurs were talking shop at a restaurant association meeting. Specifically, about the number of charity events they’re asked to do. Not that they dislike doing them, but that they can’t possibly show up for all of them. They agreed that they probably do more than they should.

Then someone stood up and suggested that they hold their own charity event. That idea evolved into the Taste of the Town, which premiered in 2003 and raised a good bit of cash for an educational program sponsored by the Louisiana Restaurant Association. It served a lot of good food, too, from a who’s who of local restaurants.

This year, it returns to Lafreniere Park (another beneficiary of the event) with forty restaurants, including most of the big names, serving their best dishes. What I find especially interesting is that quite a few restaurants that still have not recovered from the storm are showing up and serving food anyway.

The party takes place on the island in Lafreniere Park, and there’s live music, free-flowing wine and cocktails by Pat O’Brien’s, and quite a lot of food (unlike many events like this, they never seem to run out).

The tickets are $75 in advance, $100 at the door. Tickets can be ordered online at http://www.tasteofthetown.info  .

If you plan to be in New Orleans the last weekend of March, this is a great event to attend.

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