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I will be visiting New Orleans in mid-March, what is the weather typically like at that time of year? Torrey- North Carolina

25 January 2007

According to the National Weather Service the seasonal average high temperature in March for New Orleans is 69 degrees and the low is 52 degrees. Generally, the weather in March is quite pleasant but we recommend that you bring both light clothing like walking shorts for the daytime and a sweater for chilly nights. We have seen temperatures in the low 70’s already in January this year and it appears that this winter will continue to be a mild one overall.

Most of our restaurants and public facilities have strong air-conditioning systems (because of the summer) so if you are sensitive to the cold, be sure to have a light sweater with you when you go out to eat in one of our world class establishments.

We were out in the French Quarter last evening, it was cool but pleasant. The Quarter was absolutely wonderful and very clean. Something the city has been working on. They have a new cleaning system and more staff on duty round the clock and it was just great. We also passed at least six patrol members in uniform so we felt very secure as we strolled past the lounges and shops that were in full swing. Enjoy your visit to New Orleans.

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