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January in New Orleans-Almost like Summer

1 January 2007

So many of our friends live up North. Thirty degrees for the high temperature of the day is not uncommon. Bone chilling rain, sleet, and snow are expected and tolerated. Scraping off the ice from the windshield a daily ritual. For someone who lives in the South the question always arises: Why do folks not flock to Louisiana in January?

Yes, it can get a touch cold here in January. It was a chilly 55 degrees at midnight for New Years Eve. Today it will reach a blustery high of 65 degrees. But through the month we will see many days with temperatures of 70 plus. Perfect for walking tours, sightseeing, riverboat rides and even bird watching for those who enjoy that kind of sport.

Sadly, for an Innkeeper, we are not sold out this month. Rarely have we been. And we just can’t figure it out each year. There are millions all around the country freezing right now. Why haven’t the phones been ringing off the hook? Well, this is our call to everyone, check out New Orleans in January. Hotel rates, our Bed and Breakfast rates are just like summer this month. I dare say, some days the rates are lower than those in the summer. The demand is not there, so we go South with the rates. And that’s what you should do. The food is hot, the Jazz is hot, all our fabulous venues and sightseeing attractions are hot. It’s the solution to your winter doldrums. For more information about the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast, check out our Home and Room and Rates pages. January in New Orleans-almost like Summer! ?

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