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We arrive from a cruise on Feb 15, 2007 for two nights (Mardi Gras). My girlfriends and I can’t find a room. Any suggestions? Erin-Chicago

15 December 2006

Most hotels and Bed and Breakfast Inns have a minimum stay requirement for Mardi Gras. This may range from three to five nights. That is probably why you are having a difficult time finding a short term stay. Keep looking, we have plenty of lodging choices in New Orleans. If the price is right, you may want to consider booking a third night to meet requirements, then just leave a day early.


Here is another tip: Book a room in the suburbs as a back up. Then call up a closer lodging choice after the first of the year (mid-January) to see how the bookings are going and book there. Worst case senario, you will have to take a cab a few times to the French Quarter from the suburbs; the fare is about $30 bucks each way. If you are splitting expenses, that’s not too much. Hotel rates in the burbs will be about half of what they will be in the city. So you will be ahead of staying where the action is, but without the convenience and maximization of your time (the ride will be 30-45 minutes each way with traffic).


But keep in mind that there is nothing like getting out of bed and being on the parade route in three minutes with no hassle!  We often get last minute openings here at the Inn.

PS- Don’t forget to cancel your suburb room with plenty of time and within their cancellation requirements so they can rebook your space.