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Convention Bureau touts New Orleans progress

13 December 2006

In a quite enlightning article about the city on their website, the NOMCVB lists all the benchmarks that have been achieved since Katrina. They note particularly that the tourism segment of the city is up and running at almost full capacity with 29,000 rooms back of a total of 38,000 available pre-Katrina. More than 700 restaurants are back, better than ever and all major venues and sightseeing locales are availabe for the tourist to our city.

It is apparent from a review of rates on-line, that now is a terrific time to make plans to visit the Crescent City. Most hotels and B&B’s are offering low rates and special packages. Even New Years even seems to be a very cost effective time compared with previous years. The rates are driven by consumer demand and while we are optimistic, the general public still has some reservations about planning a visit to New Orleans.

We suggest that you visit the NOMCVB website and read all about the progress that has been made in the last 12 months, then plan a trip for a great time.  ?

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