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Realtors took a leap of faith, and their N.O. convention broke records! November 23,2007 Times-Picayune front page news

24 November 2006

We enjoyed this article on Thanksgiving Day in the newspaper. Here is our summary of what was said about this very important meeting held Nov.10-13, 2006.

New Orleans continues to hear good news about its ability to host meetings, thanks to the hard work of many in the tourism field here in New Orleans. The National Association Of Realtors just concluded a very successful conference here and there were many reasons for them to reverse there decison to bring the huge group to the Crescent City. “So many of our people has reservations about coming down,” said Lens Ferber, President of the Association, but the group organized numerous trips for the doubters to prove that the city was ready. And it was. Not only did the meeting come off with out a hitch, it was also a huge success, hitting a record attendance. The show went on despite some naysayers, and delegates learned happily that “the National media was dead wrong about New Orleans.”

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