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I am a member of VRMA.org (VAcation Rental Mangers’s Association) and they are having their national conference in October of 07 in New Orleans at the Convention Center. Is New Orleans ready for conventions? Can you maybe prepare a list of your local inns that would accommodate members of this group? I would love to tell other members that they can stay in one of your city’s fine inns, instead of a nameless hotel. Trent in Colorado

22 November 2006

Thank you and your group for supporting New Orleans again.

I can say without question that New Orleans is ready for your convention now and in October of 2007! We have already hosted several city-wide conferences in the past few months (National Association of Realtors in October 2006, most recent) and the reviews were outstanding to excellent across the board. Restaurants, sightseeing venues, the French Quarter and shopping are all up and running and in great shape. Do come and do come to have fun while you are here.

As for B&B Inns in the area, did you know that New Orleans has the highest concentration of Bed and Breakfast Inns and guest houses of any city in the USA? Its true, and all are up and running. The best way for you to see a large marjority of Inns that are members of PIANO (Professional Innkeepers Association of New Orleans) is to go to the website, put in your dates and check out the variety of what we have to offer during your convention. All of the members listed there are licensed by the city and the Innkeepers adhere to high standards of service and hospitality. Enjoy your stay in New Orleans, and don’t forget that the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast is available during your convention dates, too!

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