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I heard that the Streetcars are not operating, what is the scoop? John-Chicago

17 October 2006

As of October 2006, its a mixed bag but improving since the storm. Streetcars are operating on the Canal Street line and the Riverfront line. The RTA (Regional Transit Authority) is working on restoring the St. Charles Avenue line in two phases. In the meantime, they are running city bus service on St. Charles Avenue with about twenty minute frequency during the day, nighttime is more erratic, so we suggest taxi service which is very reasonable in New Orleans. Here is an excerpt from the RTA website. You can go there for more information:

St. Charles Streetcar Line Update
Although work has begun on replacing the poles, pole foundations, and the overhead electrical system on the St. Charles Line, the complete project will not be finished until late 2007. The overhead system was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina. RTA is working hard to try and get the Central Business loop of the St. Charles streetcar line (from Carondelete and Canal Street to Lee Circle) completed by the end of 2006. If you would like to ride a streetcar, the St. Charles streetcars are running on both the Canal St. line and the Riverfront line. Because all 24 Canal streetcars and six of the seven Riverfront streetcars were flooded, the historic green cars, which all survived, are running on both lines. If you want to see the attractions on St. Charles Avenue and Carrollton Avenue, take the RTA St. Charles bus, which operates on the same route that the St. Charles streetcars did before Katrina. For route and schedule information, access the Routes section on this website.

The good news is that taxi service to the Avenue Inn is very efficient and two riders can get to the French Quarter in about 8 minutes for less than $5.00 a person. We are happy to assist with your transportation needs so come on down and enjoy the fun.?

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