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Grilled Cheese Omelet

7 October 2006

Everyone loves the flavor of toasted cheddar cheese, but usually omelets are made with the cheese on the inside, hence, no chance for that toasted aroma and taste.  For some reason too, folks are often intimidated by the traditional omelet, you know, with all that whipping and flipping!  This simple omelet style recipe was prepared by the Innkeeper’s Mom on Sunday mornings for the whole family; we suppose she developed it as a way of making quite a few in a short amount of time.  The smell of cheese toasting throughout the house was a sure-fire way to get everyone up and out of bed before “the day was over” as she used to say.  Add your own garnishes and seasonings and make this a family tradition in your house. 

Serves 4-6
2 fresh, large, grade A chicken eggs (cholesterol free egg substitute may be used)
splash of milk or cream (Mom always added this to her eggs)
salt and pepper to taste
1 second coating of non-stick cooking spray
1 pat of butter
2 to 3 ounces of sharp cheddar cheese, divided (slices work better than grated)

8” non stick omelet or frying pan ( a restaurant quality pan works best with high heat
medium glass or stainless steel bowl
wire whip
non-stick spatula

Crack eggs into a bowl, (or pour substitute) and add milk or cream, and salt and pepper.  Use wire whip to beat egg mixture thoroughly, about 1 minute.  Bring the pan to temperature using high heat, and then reduce to medium to prevent the non-stick spray and butter from burning when added to the pan.  A good way to test for correct temperature is with a few drops of tap water.  It should form balls when it comes into contact with the hot surface of the pan.  Quickly coat the surface of the pan with the non-stick spray and add the butter, swirling it around the pan.  Using both products prevents sticking and adds flavor.  Pour in the whipped egg mixture and with the spatula, pull back the edges of the omelet from the pan side allowing the excess liquid to form with the omelet.  Flip or turn the omelet over once the first side has lightly cooked and top with 1/2 of the cheese.  After about 1 minute, the cheese will be soft enough from the heat of the egg to stick in place.  Flip the omelet over with the cheese side down and add remaining cheese to second side.  As it cooks, it will fluff up and add a bit of volume.  Gently “grill” or toast both sides until the cheese is crusty and the egg surface has slightly browned. 


You can garnish the omelet with toppings such as chopped chives, fresh chopped parsley, diced red and green peppers or bacon crumbles. You may want to personalize the recipe by adding favorite ingredients to the mixture before cooking.  Ideas include spinach, mushrooms, western omelet veggies, onions, capers or anchovies. Just make sure you drain and squeeze dry any additives with a paper towel  so the egg mixture will not be diluted. This recipe can be found in the cookbook soon in print, “Inncredible Cookin’, Favorite Recipes from Louisiana’s Best Bed & Breakfast Inns, Cottages and Guest Houses”. Contact the Innkeeper at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast for your copy.

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