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St. Charles Avenue Streetcar re-opening timetable

5 October 2006

When will the St. Charles Streetcar resume operations, and are they runnning a bus along the same route in the meantime?
S. Soule

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4 Responses to “St. Charles Avenue Streetcar re-opening timetable”

  1. Dr. KNOW Says:

    Work on repairing and remodeling the St. Charles Avenue streetcar line continues with a target of the end of 2006 for the streetcars to be running from Canal St. to Lee Circle. The balance of the line is slated for return to operation in late fall of 2007, but both of these objectives are subject to change. In the meantime, the RTA system is running bus service along the same St. Charles Avenue route with about 20 minute frequency from early morning until late evening. Very late night service is less frequent and taxi service is recommended.

  2. ssoule Says:

    Thanks Dr. kNOw! Can’t wait to get back to NOla and see ya’ll again!
    Sandy Soule

  3. Pat Driscoll Says:

    Hi, are all the sleeping rooms on the second floor? If so, is there an elevator? Thanks.

  4. Dr. Know Says:

    We have three levels at the Avenue Inn. Guest rooms are located on all floors. We do not have an elevator as they did not install those back in 1891. Call the Innkeepers at 800-490-8542 and you can check availability and request a first level room if mobility is an issue.