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Question from Marti in Maine

5 October 2006

Greetings, Dr. Know:  I’ve heard all about your ghosts for years. They’re kind of famous, aren’t they?  I’d like to know about the best way to spot a ghost.  Where do they most often appear at Avenue Inn? http://www.maynelymarketing.com/

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One Response to “Question from Marti in Maine”

  1. Dr. KNOW Says:

    Hi Marti, thanks for your interest. I don’t know about “famous”, but for the folks who are into that kind of thing, I guess you could say “popular”. I don’t believe there is a best way to spot one, from what I understand, they appear at their pleasure. Fortunately, any sightings here have all been pleasant! They have been reported in the Nanny’s Quarters, the dining room, and in the owner’s master bedroom. Hope this helps out.