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Mardi Gras 2009 is Almost Here-Still Time for a Fabulous Experience!

2 February 2009

If you have always wanted to see what Mardi Gras is all about, this is a great year to come on down (or over) to ‘Nawlins!  The big weekend of Mardi Gras is February 20 thru February 24 (Mardi Gras day) and due do the slower economy, there are still choice rooms available, many on the parade routes.

Yes, you will pay more for an accommodation on the parade route, but you will be glad you did. What new comers to parading do not realize is that the most important commodities during Mardi Gras are a great spot to watch the parade, parking close by in a protected area and access to a private bathroom.

If you choose to stay in a lodging facility not on the parade route, you will have to get up quite early to go a stake a claim to some of the territory where the parades pass. This can prove to be quite a challenge and locals who know the ropes are up and settled in their temporary “village” as early as 4:00am or sooner. If you want a prime location to catch beads (and you will want this, trust me) your choice is to do the same or find a B&B or hotel directly on the route. This way you do not have to fight for placement, you can go out and drop off your blanket and folding chairs as early as the night before and get up leisurely. After a casual breakfast, your are only yards away to a fantastic location.

If you have a car and have to drive to the parade area, you will find many restrictions on parking and may end up having to park as many as 10-15 blocks away from your parade location. If you have a cooler with back-up drinks, walking to and from the the car for refills or to lug the cooler will be a pain.  Parking off-street on the parade route is the best deal and some facilities include parking in the rate.

Above all else, a private bathroom near your parade spot is the best thing you will do for your comfort and convenience. An accommodation on the parade route will allow you to take a break only a few steps away, and you won’t have to share with 10,000 others at the church parking lot where porta pottys are in place for the masses. Believe me, its not a pleasant experience.

Spend the extra money for a room with a view (and a bathroom), so to speak and enjoy a marvelous Mardi Gras.  Good rooms can be had at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast. Give the Innkeepers a call today to get the details.

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