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Paying More but Getting Less for Lodging? Try a B&B!

7 August 2008

Amid a difficult economy, overall satisfaction with hotels is down notably in 2008, says the J.D. Power and Associates 2008 survey of customer satisfaction with North American hotels.

Four of the six segments — upscale, mid-scale full service, mid-scale limited service and economy/budget — fell in overall satisfaction compared with 2007. And overall satisfaction with the economy/budget segment declined significantly, posting the largest year-over-year decrease of any segment since the inception of the study. Among economy/budget properties, the largest declines in satisfaction occur in the guest room and food and beverage measures.

Contrastingly, the American Hotel and Lodging Association reports an increase in average daily rates in 2008, while occupancies have remained flat overall.

Perhaps now is the time for travelers to look for other options. We suggest that you go to www.tripadvisor.com and check out the Bed and Breakfast listings in the city or area to which you will be traveling.  Check-out the top 10 listings and read what guests have had to say about the property. If you are on business travel, contact the Inn and see if corporate rates are offered and what kind of business services are available. A large number of B&B operators have tailored their amenities to accommodate road warriors. 

For leisure travel, the Innkeeper knows all about the city or region that they live in and can help you plan your vacation far better than a travel agent, hotel consierge or a friend who recently visited the area. Call and get the best information on sightseeing, attractions and restaurants. Ask for any package deals that might fit your interests and budget.

If you haven’t tried a Bed and Breakfast lately, you really owe yourself the experience. Stop paying more and getting less. Try a B&B for a memorable experience.

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2 Responses to “Paying More but Getting Less for Lodging? Try a B&B!”

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  2. Cheap New Orleans Hotels Says:

    I stayed in a bed and breakfast once in Santa Barabara, CA with my wife, then my girl friend. It was a different experience. We stayed in a house with about 4 other couples (guests). It wasn’t as cozy as we thought. The furnitures were old..or should I say charming? I am glad I tried it, but it wasn’t what it crack out to be. Nevertheless, it’s an experience I’d recommend to others…even if just to try it out once. It’s different, not bad.