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Visit bugs you can call your friends in New Orleans

31 July 2008

What? You hate bugs? Yes, some of us do. But now there is a new awesome museum dedicated to bugs of all varieties. We had the chance recently to visit the new Insectarium presented by the Audubon Institute in New Orleans.

What a treat. And by the time we finished our tour, my wife, who is petrified of the creepy crawlers, acutally had names for a few of the inhabitants of this most interesting presentation. The butterfly exhibit alone is worth the price of admission. Visitors must transfer into the Japanese Garden filled with live butterflies via an air lock that prevents the lovelies from accidently escaping into unprotected areas. Peaceful, calm and beautiful are but a few of the words to describe the environment of this most unusual display.

You can literally spend hours walking through the interactive museum, so set aside plenty of time to enjoy all that this very unique experience has to offer. For more information, go to this website  and then be ready for an unreal day with a few bugs you can call your friends.

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