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Can we eat in our room? We’ve been told by friends that its not safe to be out on the streets of the city after 6:00pm. Mary, Utah

5 December 2007

Misinformation is such a disservice to travelers and to our city. Nothing can be further from reality than to assume that our safety situation is as critical as your friends would have you believe. In fact, its just totally false. Yes, we have had our fair share of media reports on crime, but the crime is associated mostly with the drug scene in parts of the city that tourists never see. Every major city has this issue to deal with, it’s just that since Katrina, ours has been under a microscope.

The truth is, that you would have a very low chance of being involved in a negative experience here in New Orleans as long as you use common sense and stay in the tourist areas.

In just a few weeks we will host the Sugar Bowl and the College National Championship games and hundreds of thousands of people will be here to enjoy the activities and what the city has to offer. No one, I can assure you, will be eating dinner in their rooms for fear of any safety issue. They will be out and having a blast at all of our venues just like they are now and have been for the past two years.

Misinformation is a bad thing. Please pass this true information back to the folks who gave you the concerns, and ask them to plan a visit to the Crescent City real soon to see for themselves.

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