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Streetcar on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans will be back soon!

2 October 2007

Sitting in the dining room of our Bed and Breakfast, enjoying the view of the Avenue and the lovely flowers in the garden, I was startled yesterday by something I had not seen for two years. Yes, it was a real, live, “moving under it’s own power”, streetcar!

Apparently, the RTA (transit authority) is close to having the line open and they are in the final phases of testing the tracks and the power lines that supply energy to the cars. It was a beautiful thing, watching the familiar green antique car meander along the tracks, bell ringing, and wheel on track sound effects singing. Surely a sign that New Orleans is slowly but surely on the road to things “normal”, at least in the French Quarter, the business district and all the tourist areas.

Its rumored that the streetcars will be back on schedule on St. Charles avenue from Napoleon Avenue to Canal Street before the end of October, perhaps by the 15th. How glorious!

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