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It’s So Not What You Think About New Orleans!

15 July 2007

Well, it’s July 15, 2007 and as I gaze out to the beautiful garden that we have, I’m reminded that so many people around the country have such a wrong impression about our city.

Yes, the media does talk about crime and hurricane season, but that’s just not the complete story. The crime is only worse in the areas of the city where drugs are a focus. There have been violent crimes there and it is an issue that the city is addressing, not fast enough, but they are acutely aware of the problem. Your town most likely has the same situation. And what to you do? You just don’t go there. Here in New Orleans, tourists never go to that part of town and as a result, no tourist has been affected by the so called crime problem. So if you are prudent and use normal good judgment, your chances of having a bad experience are no worse than where you live or as compared with other venues you may choose for a vacation.

And yes, it is hurricane season, its hot and humid, but our temperatures this year are actually lower than many areas of the West and the Northeast. In some cases 20 degrees lower. Everything is air conditioned and the rates and deals are very low and plentiful. And guess what, this is the sixth week of the “season” that the media reminded everyone of and we have yet to have even a tropical storm, much less a hurricane. The good news is that hurricanes are not like tornadoes, there is usually three to five days of serious warning, so you would have plenty of time to finish your vacation and return home, even if one threatened our area.

My point? Our beautiful garden is going to waste because you are not here to enjoy it. You are missing any one of our 820 restaurants that are back in full swing and better than ever, and for sure, you missed one great set of Jazz music at a local club all because you are caught up in perception, not reality.

Give it some thought and give us a call here at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast. Or for that matter call anyone in the city. Just plan a visit soon, the flowers of the BIg Easy are waiting.

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