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Can you tell me more about the Tales of the Cocktail Event in New Orleans? Josh-Miami

22 June 2007

A culinary and cocktail festival, the Tales of the Cocktail is a twist on the standard food and wine event. Its scheduled for July 18-22, 2007 this year. Sip with the stars of mixology and cuisine as you attend five days of mixing and tasting demonstraions, dinner pairings, cocktail parties, product showcases, author meet and greets, cocktail sampling, a bar chef competition and much more.

Serving to elevate dejected spirits, the “cocktail” was born in New Orleans. Legend sets forth that a popular apothecary named A.A. Peychaud began adding his family’s secret formula for bitters (a homemade liquid tonic for stomach pains) to brandy. Customers began demanding their French brandy spiked with a dash of the marvelous bitters compounded by M. Peychaud.

At his own establishment, M. Peychaud poured portions into an old-fashioned, double-end egg-cup known to the French speaking population as a coquetier (pronounced koh-kuh-TYAY). Soon the slurred words of imbibers resulted in the term “cocktail”.

Bitters, reportedly good for what ails one irrespective of malady, are the essential element of the original cocktail – the Sazerac. The addition of bitters gave an otherwise simple brandy toddy new life and zest… and created in New Orleans’ Vieux Carré an American tradition now known the world over. 

Location:  Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter is the main venue with restaurants around the city participating. Great rates also available at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast, ask for Tales of the Cocktail Rate, 1-800-490-8542

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