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I’m still hearing about crime in the city, is it safe to come there?

22 June 2007

Yes. according to a report from the Convention and Visitors bureau, the city remains as safe as most major destinations. But realistically speaking, one must always be aware that there is crime in all US cities. Use good judgement and you will enjoy your visit to New Orleans. Here is an excerpt from the Bureau’s official statement on travelling to New Orleans: 

Tourist areas are as safe as those in any big city. The ratio of police to citizens is actually higher today: Pre-Katrina Police Force Post Katrina Police Force Number of Officers – 1,680 Number of Officers – 1,421 Number of Citizens – 400,000 Number of Citizens – 191,000 Ratio Police/Citizens – 1:291 Ratio Police/Citizens – 1:134 New Orleans still remains under a microscope for international media attention, often resulting in sensational headlines. Crime predominantly is retaliation, drug/gang violence or criminal-on-criminal acts. It is not random acts of violence against visitors. New Orleans still remains —experience wise and statistically— a safe place to visit. New Orleans successfully and safely has welcomed tens of thousands of visitors since June 2006, including Mardi Gras; the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival; business meetings ranging from 10 people to 24,000; and major sporting events such as the Allstate Sugar Bowl. Law enforcement, government and concerned citizens are all working hard to address crime. Results of long and short-term solutions already have been realized. The most visible action visitors likely will notice are increased patrols from the New Orleans Police Department and Quality of Life officers, enhancing the already safe record of popular tourist areas. We ask that visitors use good common sense as they would when traveling to any major city. Be mindful of surroundings. Refrain from venturing into areas that are sparsely populated, particularly after dark. Rely on hotel/B&B concierge and front desk associates, restaurant managers and the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau Visitor Center (504-566-5011) for any questions.

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