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St. Charles Streetcar line returns ahead of schedule

13 December 2007

The Times-Picayune reported today that the next section of the line on St. Charles avenue in New Orleans will open by December 23,2007. This surprise announcement is great news for residents and visitors to the city. The section between Napoleon avenue and Carrollton avenue was not slated to open for several months. Especially nice for […]

“Reveillon” Dinners a popular tradition in New Orleans

11 December 2007

During the mid-1800’s, New Orleans’ Creole families celebrated the “Reveillon” (French for “awakening”) twice during the holidays.  The first Reveillon came after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, when families returned from St. Louis Cathedral to break a daylong fast with an elaborate meal.  New Year’s Eve brought another Reveillon, usually shared among several families.  This […]

Can we eat in our room? We’ve been told by friends that its not safe to be out on the streets of the city after 6:00pm. Mary, Utah

5 December 2007

Misinformation is such a disservice to travelers and to our city. Nothing can be further from reality than to assume that our safety situation is as critical as your friends would have you believe. In fact, its just totally false. Yes, we have had our fair share of media reports on crime, but the crime is […]

My son is taking a class in earth science and geology this year. We are trying to obtain specimens of different samples to put together for his class. Our objective is to collect as many different types of minerals and fossils from as many different locations as possible. Our belief is that this will give us the best chance of collecting enough specimens to make this project a success. We have a very limited budget. We have already collected quite a few of the common minerals and some fossils and are now specifically looking for some associated with Louisiana. I have no idea what these might be worth from your area. I realize that you are not in the mineral business but as a Bed and Breakfast you are probably very familiar with the geology of your area. My question, if possible, is if it is possible to get a small sampling of minerals/fossils that might be of little or no value, for this educational project.-George, Corcoran, CA

5 December 2007

Well you are correct in that we do not specialize in minerals and fossils here at the B&B, but there is a shop only a few blocks from here that does. The link for the store is pasted below and I feel that if you give them a call or e-mail they may be able […]