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St. Charles Streecar returns November 1, 2007

10 October 2007

According to today’s Times-Picayunes, the RTA is making final tests on the line from Lee Circle to Napoleon Ave and has scheduled this section of St.Charles to be returned to service on Nov. 1. This will complete phase two of three for the renovation of the western line from Cana Street to Carrollton at South […]

Art For Arts’ Sake first Saturday in October, 2007

4 October 2007

Don’t miss Art for Arts’ Sake. One of the best art strolls through the Arts/Warehouse District of the year, Art for Art’s Sake features many gallery openings, and new exhibits and special events at the Contemporary Arts Center.   This year the new addition of a free shuttle along Magazine Street greatly expands the number […]

Streetcar on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans will be back soon!

2 October 2007

Sitting in the dining room of our Bed and Breakfast, enjoying the view of the Avenue and the lovely flowers in the garden, I was startled yesterday by something I had not seen for two years. Yes, it was a real, live, “moving under it’s own power”, streetcar! Apparently, the RTA (transit authority) is close […]