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New Orleans at Holiday Time-Something for Everyone

26 November 2006

Come to New Orleans at holiday time for all the sights, sounds & great fun. Many people do not realize that New Orleans has so much to offer during the holidays beginning right after Thanksgiving. One of the nicest venues for the whole family is the Celebration in the Oaks in City Park. The attraction opened this […]

Realtors took a leap of faith, and their N.O. convention broke records! November 23,2007 Times-Picayune front page news

24 November 2006

We enjoyed this article on Thanksgiving Day in the newspaper. Here is our summary of what was said about this very important meeting held Nov.10-13, 2006. New Orleans continues to hear good news about its ability to host meetings, thanks to the hard work of many in the tourism field here in New Orleans. The […]

I am a member of (VAcation Rental Mangers’s Association) and they are having their national conference in October of 07 in New Orleans at the Convention Center. Is New Orleans ready for conventions? Can you maybe prepare a list of your local inns that would accommodate members of this group? I would love to tell other members that they can stay in one of your city’s fine inns, instead of a nameless hotel. Trent in Colorado

22 November 2006

Thank you and your group for supporting New Orleans again. I can say without question that New Orleans is ready for your convention now and in October of 2007! We have already hosted several city-wide conferences in the past few months (National Association of Realtors in October 2006, most recent) and the reviews were outstanding to […]

Breaking Up is Hard To Do, But I’ll Get Over Him

18 November 2006

It was just before Valentine’s Day and a friend of ours was feeling a bit low. She had just split up with her boyfriend of several years and the holiday for lovers was just around the corner. She would be alone. Attempting to cheer her up, I said “you know, what you need is our ‘Breaking Up is Hard […]

Pascal Manale’s

17 November 2006

As we have guests return to restaurants post-Katrina, we will from time to time post their feedback and make comments about the venue. By coincidence this week, we have had several couples requesting this landmark restaurant on different nights and the reports have been very good. Tom Fitzmorris, a local food writer wrote recently (excerpted): […]

Is the Bayou Classic just a foot ball game? John from Omaha

14 November 2006

The State Farm Bayou Classic is more than just a football game; with its colorful and glorified history, the State Farm Bayou Classic is a unique family fellowship that exists within a football game. The State Farm Bayou Classic has become the greatest and most distinguishable sporting event in all of Black America. Everyone loves […]

Mock ‘N’ Rock Wedding Package Offers A Test Drive in the Nuptials of Your Dreams

11 November 2006

Ever test-drive a new car? Sample the cookies at the bakery before you buy? Taste the ice cream before it goes in the cone? Then the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast “Mock ‘N’ Rock Wedding” package may be just what some adventurous couples are looking for. Here’s a chance for a non-threatening trial wedding and vacation to […]

Is your Bed and Breakfast a convenient location for Sugar Bowl lodging?

10 November 2006

Yes, we are about 2 miles from the Superdome. A taxi ride is under $10 for two persons and it takes about 7 minutes to get there via surface streets. There is public transportation (city bus running in place of the streetcar system still under repair) for $1.25 per person. It takes about 20 minutes […]

Now that New Orleans has made it through the storm season without any problems, is the city going to be a good spot for the holidays do you think? Will the Sugar Bowl be back there again this year? Just wondering on the progress. Russell-Colorado

10 November 2006

We were so pleased that we had a quiet summer with no storms. It gave the city the time it needed to continue our march back to normalcy. We are pleased to report that the tourism side of town is back in full force. You may have seen the nationally televised season opener of the […]

Halloween Wedding a Spirited Success

4 November 2006

This past week, the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast arranged an unusual wedding for a lovely couple from Mississippi. Yes, they wanted to get married on Halloween and we were happy to accommodate them. Of course, we had traditional decorations around the house, but Smiling Sam the ghostly skeleton was the big hit. Without warning, […]

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