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Where to Eat in New Orleans

26 October 2006

Here is an October 2006 list of best restaurants in the New Orleans area from the local newspaper, Times Picayune, in the Lagniappe Section (alphabetical order) Bayona Brigtsen’s Cuvee Emeril’s Galatoire’s Herbsaint Lilette Longbranch (Abita Springs) Restaurant August Stella! There were also another 90 restaurants mentioned in various categories, here are a few more of […]

I am a first-timer to New Orleans, what should I see and do?

20 October 2006

Of course it depends on how much time you have available, but here is a short list of some of the more popular venues that guests generally choose to visit: Bourbon Street-Day & Night Jackson Square-Street artists & carriage ride French Market area-buy a few gifts to take home Cafe du Monde-Beignets with chicory coffee Antique […]

Travel Professionals Recommend New Orleans after Familiarization Tour of the CIty

19 October 2006

So many still have questions about coming to New Orleans, we felt it timely to share this excerpt report from the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau. It really says that the city is ready for tourism to return. Travel Professionals praise New Orleans during “Back to the Big Easy” fam NEW ORLEANS – October 18, 2006 […]

I heard that the Streetcars are not operating, what is the scoop? John-Chicago

17 October 2006

As of October 2006, its a mixed bag but improving since the storm. Streetcars are operating on the Canal Street line and the Riverfront line. The RTA (Regional Transit Authority) is working on restoring the St. Charles Avenue line in two phases. In the meantime, they are running city bus service on St. Charles Avenue with about twenty minute […]

Grandma’s Overnight Egg-Cheese Soufflé

14 October 2006

Our Grandma’s golden rule was “KISS” as in “Keep It Simple Silly”.  This was mainly because she had so many children and grandchildren to prepare meals for at holiday time when everyone would gather at her home.  She left us with wonderful memories of good things from her kitchen.  This recipe is simple to make […]

Can you post an authentic Jambalaya recipe for us? What are the main components of an authentic Jambalaya? -Carrie from Colorado

12 October 2006

It would be difficult to give you one recipe and have you believe that you are preparing “the” authentic Jambalaya dish. For as you will read, there are many standard preparations and hundreds of recipes out there. If you will go to this website, Real Cajun Recipes, you will find a list of variations that I believe will offer […]

I’ve never been to New Orleans, but it’s a place my husband and I have on our “must travel to” list. Can you tell me some “must dos” and “must sees” in New Orleans?-Allison, New York

9 October 2006

That’s not an easy question, but we get that all the time. For first time-ers, we suggest a tour of the French Quarter, a Cemetery tour, a visit to the French Market area, a walk down Bourbon Street at night, a visit to a plantation or two and perhaps a swamp or bayou trip. A […]

Grilled Cheese Omelet

7 October 2006

Everyone loves the flavor of toasted cheddar cheese, but usually omelets are made with the cheese on the inside, hence, no chance for that toasted aroma and taste.  For some reason too, folks are often intimidated by the traditional omelet, you know, with all that whipping and flipping!  This simple omelet style recipe was prepared […]

St. Charles Avenue Streetcar re-opening timetable

5 October 2006

When will the St. Charles Streetcar resume operations, and are they runnning a bus along the same route in the meantime? S. Soule

Question from Marti in Maine

5 October 2006

Greetings, Dr. Know:  I’ve heard all about your ghosts for years. They’re kind of famous, aren’t they?  I’d like to know about the best way to spot a ghost.  Where do they most often appear at Avenue Inn?

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