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Do you know of a restaurant on St. Charles Avenue that is new (last six months) and its name starts with the letter “A”?

26 September 2006

Yes, Restaurant Anatole opened recently in the old Mike Ditka’s location. They feature contemporary creole cuisine and the average check is about $45 without alcoholic beverages. 600 St. Charles Avenue, 504-274-0105

What time does the World War II museum open?

19 September 2006

The National World War II Museum, formerly known as the National D-Day Museum, is a museum located in the Central Business District of New Orleans, Louisiana, at the corner of Andrew Higgins and Magazine Street. It focuses on the United States contribution to victory in World War II, and the Battle of Normandy in particular. […]

Do alligators really eat marshmallows and should I not wear white on the Swamp tour?

19 September 2006

Most of the swamp tour operators attract the alligators to the cruise boats with handfuls of marshmallows which the gators seem to love. We strongly recommend that visitors do not try and feed the seemingly friendly bayou residents. The guides will caution against wearing a white tee shirt for fear that the gators will confuse […]

How do you pronounce “Tchoupitoulas” street?

19 September 2006

Tchoupitoulas Street is a well known artery running along the Mississippi in New Orleans, pronounced CHOP-a-too-lus.

Where can we get married in New Orleans (short notice)?

19 September 2006

The Avenue Inn prides itself in hosting very intimate events and you will take pride in the memories that we help you create. We can arrange a wonderful experience for 2 up to 40 people including lodging, the ceremony for a wedding or vow renewal, floral enhancements, catering and/or transportation to receptions or functions immediately […]

What is a beignet and how do you spell it?

19 September 2006

….from a phone caller in Seattle There are two varieties of beignets, depending on the type of pastry. The classic French beignet is simply a deep-fried choux pastry; this variety is very similar to Italian zeppole. Beignets made with yeast pastry (yeast donuts) are sometimes called boules de Berlin and often have a filling of […]

I collect animal skeletons (Biologist); where can I get a Nutria skull?

19 September 2006

Nutria are large, burrowing, oversexed rodents from Argentina, a Spanish word for its scientific Latin name, Myocastor coypus. They were accidentally introduced to Louisiana by fur traders. Skulls are available at Southern Fossil & Mineral Exchange, 2049 Magazine St. not far from the Avenue Inn