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Is the St. Charles Ave. Street Car fully operational to the Garden District, as of February 2007?- Mary, Arvada-CO

3 February 2007

The St. Charles streetcar line is up and running from Lee Circle to Canal St. in a loop, 24/7. For the remainder of the line through the Garden District, Uptown and on to Carrollton Avenue, it will be completed in stages. The next segement will be up to Napoleon Avenue, with a target date of […]

We are planning a trip to New Orleans next fall and one of our friends has been in contact with you about our group staying there. Will the street car that runs through the garden district be in operation and how close is it to you? Also- do you have bedrooms on the first floor? Peggy-Spartanburg, S.C.

25 January 2007

Well, we hope to see you next September. Yes, the Avenue Inn does have rooms on the first level. When you call in to book, please mention your preference to the Innkeeper. But do this as early as possible as there are only a few rooms of each type on every floor. The streetcar repair […]

I will be visiting New Orleans in mid-March, what is the weather typically like at that time of year? Torrey- North Carolina

25 January 2007

According to the National Weather Service the seasonal average high temperature in March for New Orleans is 69 degrees and the low is 52 degrees. Generally, the weather in March is quite pleasant but we recommend that you bring both light clothing like walking shorts for the daytime and a sweater for chilly nights. We have […]

While sleeping my hands go numb. It has gotten so bad that it now awakens me from my sleep, so I have to get up in order to get some circulation going, then by this time I’m awake and can not go back to sleep. Basically I’m getting about three hours of sleep each night. I do suffer from a bad back and I haven’t gotten an adjustment in a very long time, is this related. Today my right hand still feels swollen and tingly. What do you think? Elaine-Myrtle Beach, S.C.

13 January 2007

Thank you for your inquiry for Dr. Know. Unfortunately, Dr. Know only responds to questions regarding New Orleans that relate to travel, entertainment and tips for visitors to our city. I would suggest that you consult a medical professional to get an answer to your question. Do write when you have a question about our […]

Hello, my husband and I have visited NOLA many, many times and love it, but have not been since the storm. We were planning to go later this month, but are concerned about the crime in the news. We have always ignored non-NOLA fans when they talked about the crime, knowing that it was usually far from the quarter. Is this still true? With all of the issues in the news with the NOLA police being so short handed, I am beginning to question our plans and wondering if we may want to give the city a little longer to heal. What can you tell me about the crime and where it is happening? Kelly- Beaumont, TX

7 January 2007

It’s unfortunate that any city has violent crime. New Orleans gets more than its fair share. Since Katrina, the media seems determined to focus on bad news and they do so on the front page. The National media has set up offices here and are also into reporting on anything negative or sensational in grand […]

We are having a “Mardi Gras” themed birthday party; are there streets of the parade route that we can use to “name our five tables?”- Doris from Orange, California

27 December 2006

Sounds like fun. The parade route’s main streets are St. Charles and Canal. So it might be better to go with sections of the city that the parades pass through since you have five tables to label.  This year, in 2007, there will be one New Orleans City route beginning in Uptown. The parade continues […]

What is your favorite place to go for New Year’s celebration? What would you recommend to an out-of-towner coming to New Orleans for the New Year? -Glenwood Springs

20 December 2006

New Orleans is a great place for New Year’s. I would probably suggest an early dinner at one of our well-known restaurants that serve a full course dinner. Commander’s Palace, Arnaud’s, K-Pauls Louisiana Kitchen, Broussards, Stella or Dickie Brennan’s Steak House just to name a few of our 722 restaurants now open since Katrina (almost […]

We arrive from a cruise on Feb 15, 2007 for two nights (Mardi Gras). My girlfriends and I can’t find a room. Any suggestions? Erin-Chicago

15 December 2006

Most hotels and Bed and Breakfast Inns have a minimum stay requirement for Mardi Gras. This may range from three to five nights. That is probably why you are having a difficult time finding a short term stay. Keep looking, we have plenty of lodging choices in New Orleans. If the price is right, you may want to […]

My son is planning a visit to N.O. with his fiance in March, 2007. Can you tell me if the St. Charles Ave. Streetcar is back in operation? Les-Oregon

5 December 2006

The streetcar system is being worked on as we speak. The St. Charles line will be 40% completed by the end of this month, but they have not been specific about the rest of the line. I would not be able to guarantee that for March. The good news is that they have put city […]

I was wondering if you knew of any charities off hand that really do a good job in the city. I’d like to donate this year instead of giving presents… I know people down there could use money or presents much more than my family could. Maria-Colorado

5 December 2006

How nice of you! May God bless you and your family for such a wonderful gesture. There are of course hundreds of charities. Here is a website that lists quite a few Katrina related charities and you could begin a search and research here. They list a top ten in the upper right and I […]

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