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Can we eat in our room? We’ve been told by friends that its not safe to be out on the streets of the city after 6:00pm. Mary, Utah

5 December 2007

Misinformation is such a disservice to travelers and to our city. Nothing can be further from reality than to assume that our safety situation is as critical as your friends would have you believe. In fact, its just totally false. Yes, we have had our fair share of media reports on crime, but the crime is […]

My son is taking a class in earth science and geology this year. We are trying to obtain specimens of different samples to put together for his class. Our objective is to collect as many different types of minerals and fossils from as many different locations as possible. Our belief is that this will give us the best chance of collecting enough specimens to make this project a success. We have a very limited budget. We have already collected quite a few of the common minerals and some fossils and are now specifically looking for some associated with Louisiana. I have no idea what these might be worth from your area. I realize that you are not in the mineral business but as a Bed and Breakfast you are probably very familiar with the geology of your area. My question, if possible, is if it is possible to get a small sampling of minerals/fossils that might be of little or no value, for this educational project.-George, Corcoran, CA

5 December 2007

Well you are correct in that we do not specialize in minerals and fossils here at the B&B, but there is a shop only a few blocks from here that does. The link for the store is pasted below and I feel that if you give them a call or e-mail they may be able […]

I will be moving to New Orleans in July and am not familiar with the city’s shopping. Currently, my favorite store is Anthropologie, but there is not one in New Orleans. What stores have comparable fashions in New Orleans? Some of my favorite lines from Anthropologie include Language, RicRac, Left of Center, and Tabitha. These lines tend to have a natural feel (almost modern hippy) with many flowy tops. Thank you for your help!- Meaghan, Austin, Tx

31 May 2007

Urban Outfitters here in New Orleans is a down scale sister of Anthropologie. Some of the styles are near the same. The inside word is that there will be an Anthropologie in Baton Rouge (about 45 minutes away) by the end of the summer. You may also want to check Sweet Pea and Hemline in […]

We were guests at the Avenue Inn B&B and we had such a great time in New Orleans. We just fell in love with your beds, and wonder if you could tell us what they are. Deborah-San Clemente

25 May 2007

We do get lots of comments from our guests about the beds. They are not custom, but they are a special make of Beautyrest and they have over 800 coils and special cushioning. Contact John at the MatressFirm in New Orleans and tell him that you want a bed like the ones he placed at […]

Robin and I has such a great time in New Orleans and at your wonderful place. We just feel in love with your beds, and wonder if you could tell us what they are – Deborah (recent guest)

12 May 2007

I asked the Innkeeper and he said its a “State” secret, they put in a lot of time and sleep researching mattresses. The ones used at the Inn have 880 heavy coils and a plush top, so you get support and comfort. All the beds have the same quality and they don’t charge a premium […]

I am looking for a great B&B to stay at in New Orleans. Any suggestions? I am looking at the Avenue Inn what do you think. Virginia from Long Beach, Calif.

12 March 2007

When trying to decide on a Bed and Breakfast, take many factors into account. Ambiance-Is it a restored building in a quiet neighborhood? Location-Is it convenient to where you want to go? Ownership-Do the Innkeepers live on property so that you can interface with them and learn some of the inside tips of the city? […]

My son is marrying a girl from New Orleans. They both currently live in San Francisco and are in the food and wine business. The wedding will be in NOLA and as parents of the groom we are in charge of the rehearsal dinner. We are looking for a mansion or plantation house in the city to have the event. Something with a wonderful old world New Orleans ambience – not a big hotel. We need to accommodate 80 – 100 people. The food, wine and location need to be very up to the expectations of this couple who are in the business. Any suggestions? – Dia from Evanston, Il

8 March 2007

I would contact Food Art, they do a nice job and only cater in remote locations. They will have several suggestions as to venue that will work for you. You may also want to try Audubon Institute, they have a beautiful retreat and cater there as well. The Elms Mansion is an elegant wedding […]

We will be in New Orleans in May for Tulane Graduation, I was thinking of Tipitina’s or the Maple Leaf Bar for Friday, May 18 after the Tulane reception, but I can’t find anything on the web. Do you have any information or suggestions? Linda-New York

7 March 2007

It’s a little too far out for the booking list of groups or performers for these two clubs, but you can check with these websites periodically and find out who is playing in the clubs around New Orleans or specifically, Tipitina’s. The artists scheduled will show up about a month before the date based on the […]

“What does Tchoupitoulas mean in Choctaw.”-Amy, West Monroe, Louisiana

28 February 2007

Actually, it seems that the name comes from the reference to the Chapitoulas Indians or River People, a tribe who inhabited the area dating back to the 1500’s. Plantations were established along the river in the 1700’s by French Settlers and one was called “Tchoupitoulas”. We were able to trace the information from the following references.  From a State Marker along […]

I’m looking to come to New Orleans in April to celebrate my birthday. I want to help with the rebuilding of New Orleans and I thought you might know of a group that is specifically helping with the reopening of schools – Robin (no home State given)

6 February 2007

Here’s a pretty good list to start your search. Pick one you have an interest in and give them a call, they may lead you to what you want. Donate and Volunteer: ACORN 800-790-2290 Adventist Community Services 800-381-7171 American Friends Service Committee 1-888-588-2372 American Jewish Committee 212-751-4000 America’s Second Harvest 800-344-8070 Catholic Charities, USA 800-919-9338 […]

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