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New “24 Guide” for a 24 Hour City just published by the Convention Bureau

10 July 2007

With a focus on bringing New Orleans tourism back post Katrina, a new user guide for trip planning has been published. Its a great tool for someone wanting to plan their vacation in New Orleans, a one stop shop, so to speak for the visitor. Go to this website for all the details and of course keep […]

I’m still hearing about crime in the city, is it safe to come there?

22 June 2007

Yes. according to a report from the Convention and Visitors bureau, the city remains as safe as most major destinations. But realistically speaking, one must always be aware that there is crime in all US cities. Use good judgement and you will enjoy your visit to New Orleans. Here is an excerpt from the Bureau’s official […]

Jazz Fest 2007 is Here! Old Favorites, New Faces

27 April 2007

Its the first day of Jazz Fest and everyone staying at the Avenue Inn Bed and Breakfast is excited in anticipation of three great days of music, culture and plenty of sun. The temperature this morning (as we write) is a beautiful 70 degrees with low humidity. By noon its expected to be 75 degrees […]

The April 2007 issue of Architecture Digest has a feature story with spectacular photos of Helen Mirren & Taylor Hackford in New Orleans

7 April 2007

Mirren is the famed Academy Award winning actress (The Queen) and her husband, Hackford, is a movie director (An Officer and a Gentleman, Ray). It is one of the most positive post Katrina articles that we have seen on the city. This is what Mirren & Hackford say about New Orleans: “In spite of the […]

NOMCVB PR Update: New Orleans’ Heart Beats Again

6 April 2007

In a wonderful report about New Orleans, CNBC has video about the recent American College of Cardiology’s successful meeting here early last week. Click the link to view a great news segment about their conference. With over 30,000 doctors coming to the city, isn’t it time for you to consider a visit? That many intelligent people must […]

“Taste Of The Town”, One of New Orleans’ Best Restaurant Events Coming March 30, 2007

26 March 2007

As reported by restaurant writer and critic Tom Fitzmorris: A few years ago, a group of restaurateurs were talking shop at a restaurant association meeting. Specifically, about the number of charity events they’re asked to do. Not that they dislike doing them, but that they can’t possibly show up for all of them. They agreed that […]

Positive media promo rolled out this week.

3 February 2007

According to media director, Mary Beth Romig, Director of Communications and Public Relations for the New Orleans Convention Bureau, the “Today Show” on Saturday morning, February 3 and NBC Nightly News will carry a segment on the “Forever New Orleans” advertising campaign. Launched last week with other initiatives, the CVB is promoting international meetings and leisure visitors to New Orleans.

If its good enough for Brad and Angelina, why not you?

17 January 2007

Reuters has reported that the superstar couple has purchased a home in the French Quarter. Many of our friends have seen them around town, meeting locals and talking about their kids attending private school. We get a lot of questions about visiting and living here in New Orleans; this should be a good example that not everyone […]

Small Businesses in New Orleans Still Feeling the Pain of Slow Tourism Return

28 December 2006

It is unfortunate that more than 15 months after Katrina, tourism is still way down and small businesses are suffering. Despite pubilicity that a number of conventions returned this fall to the area, the truth is that small businesses rely on the leisure traveler much more than the convention attendee. According to the Convention and Visitors Bureau, […]

Convention Bureau touts New Orleans progress

13 December 2006

In a quite enlightning article about the city on their website, the NOMCVB lists all the benchmarks that have been achieved since Katrina. They note particularly that the tourism segment of the city is up and running at almost full capacity with 29,000 rooms back of a total of 38,000 available pre-Katrina. More than 700 restaurants […]

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