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Louisiana Cheddar Biscuit Ya Ya

3 February 2007

It seems like no one in Louisiana can just cook something plain or mild. It’s considered unpatriotic to do so. We like our food a bit on the wild side! Making southern biscuits is no big deal for most, but making some that will make your taste buds proclaim, “that’s exciting!” is another matter. When […]

Grandma’s Overnight Egg-Cheese Soufflé

14 October 2006

Our Grandma’s golden rule was “KISS” as in “Keep It Simple Silly”.  This was mainly because she had so many children and grandchildren to prepare meals for at holiday time when everyone would gather at her home.  She left us with wonderful memories of good things from her kitchen.  This recipe is simple to make […]

Grilled Cheese Omelet

7 October 2006

Everyone loves the flavor of toasted cheddar cheese, but usually omelets are made with the cheese on the inside, hence, no chance for that toasted aroma and taste.  For some reason too, folks are often intimidated by the traditional omelet, you know, with all that whipping and flipping!  This simple omelet style recipe was prepared […]