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** This blog is a bit different from some. While we do post our thoughts and opinions here, we encourage readers to ask questions about New Orleans. Read on and learn how easy it is to get your questions answered.**

Planning a vacation or business trip to the area? Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew someone local who could offer advice on what to do, where to go or how to do it? Maybe you are getting married or bringing a son or daugher to college. You would love to have an inside tract on the city right?

Well, now you know someone. Dr. KNOW, that is! (the NO in KNOW is for New Orleans, of course, but you knew that, didn’t you?). The doctor is always in and appointments are not necessary when you need advice about the city. Want to know how far the airport is from downtown? What is the fee for the streetcar? A restaurant for great fried oysters? Maybe you just want to know what a “Second Line” is. Nothing is too outrageous or too simple. The Doctor would love to hear from you and feel free to make comments on each post that interests you.

Click here to write Dr. KNOW and ask a question.

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